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Meet the TinTin Tours Team

Kashenge Kimario is the founder of TinTin tours. Kashenge grew up on the slopes of Kilimanjaro It really was his back garden. He's built the company up over 14 years.
He's still crazy about the mountain. Lucky for him living in Moshi means he gets to see it nearly every day when he's out running or cycling.
This is Freddy  the operations manager. A keen hiker, he's led over 30 teams up Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Though born and bred in Moshi, he
grew up in Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria so he knows a thing or two about East Africa.
He's married with 2 young kids, a boy and a girl. He loves keeping fit, usually while listening to music, you'll probably hear him singing along to his favourite gospel tunes.

John de Ronde is our webmaster working from the UK to keep you up to date with what's happening on Kilimanjaro and on the Tanzanian tourism circuit. John does the work voluntarily while also running as operations manager for his charity ABCDreams (UK). In fact, a small donation to your climbing team or your safari guides will go a long way to supporting vulnerable children at school in Machame, close to the Machame Route. See us at abcdreams.org.uk.